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Laura Bossert

LAURA BOSSERT (85-9, 93W) (32nd year) (Chamber, Violin) A Silver Medalist in the Henryk Szeryng International Violin Competition, she has earned recognition for her artistry as a soloist, chamber musician, teacher, and children’s music specialist.  Ms Bossert has appeared in collaboration with the Muir String Quartet; the Amelia, Raphael and Mirecourt Trios; and Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society members Joseph Silverstein, Paul Neubauer, Kim Kashkashian, David Jolley, and Joseph Robinson. She has toured with jazz musicians David Amram, Chuck Mangione and performed with Emily Sailers of the Indigo Girls.At present, Bossert teaches at Syracuse University, and in the summer months at The Castleman Quartet Program and LYRICAFEST. Ms. Bossert’s eclectic career has included serving as guest concertmaster of the Tucson Symphony and Oklahoma City Philharmonic, being named a Texaco Rising Star by the Caramoor Chamber Music Festival, and recording for major motion pictures.“Music is Everywhere”, a program she co-authored, was awarded an ACMA/Dodge Partnership Grant in 2002, and in the same year LYRICA BOSTON was awarded the Roxbury Highland Charitable Foundation Grant. By the age of 35, Ms. Bossert has placed students in ensembles and positions as varied as the Boston Symphony, the Handel and Haydn Society, Pittsburgh Opera Orchestra, New Haven, Portland Symphonies, Santiago Philharmonic, Mikkkeli Finnish Chamber Orchestra, The Castleman Quartet Program and the Longy School. Her international class consists of students from Russia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Poland, Australia, China, Japan, Canada, Finland, and throughout the United States. Last season’s highlights included concerto appearances with Elmar Oliveira, chamber music collaborations with Nathanial Rosen and Steven Ansell, and master classes at The Eastman School, Louisiana State University and at the Texas Music Educators Association.

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